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  • How do I book a mission with Lightning Drone?
    We offer a convenient online scheduling tool right here on our website just head to the Book Online section of our site here
  • What does a Lightning Drone mission cost?
    Our pricing is up-front and transparent when you book your mission. If an option for what you are looking for is not available, please go ahead and schedule your mission with details and we will provide a quote,
  • How long will it take to get my deliverables?
    Most missions take a few hours to shoot depending on the location, weather, and shot list. We deliver all final deliverables within 24 hours of landing.
  • Are your pilots Licensed and Certified by the FAA?
    Yes, all of our pilots are highly experienced, licensed, certified, and insured. We are Part 107 certified by the FAA to fly commercially, we are also TRUST certified, and keep our training up to date with regular pilot institute continuing education courses.
  • Are you insured?
    Lightning Drone is fully insured with a 2 Million USD liability policy through to protect ourselves and our clients should anything go wrong during your mission. Drones are exceptionally safe and our pilots are highly experienced, but accidents can happen. We want our clients to know up-front that we are fully covered if anything were to unexpectedly occur.
  • What size images and videos do you shoot and deliver?
    Our drones shoot 20 megapixel images at a resolution of 5472x3648. In processing we crop and reduce the size of our final images to 2048x2048 unless other dimensions are specified prior to take off. For video, we shoot natively at 5k and deliver both 4k and 1080p video at 60fps and 24fps unless otherwise specified prior to take off.
  • Can you fly in remote areas?
    Yes, we often drive off road to capture imagery of undeveloped land. As long as your property is not in restricted airspace, and accessible, we will get there to fly your mission.
  • How high can you fly?
    Part 107 specifies that we can fly 400 feet AGL (above ground level). Our altitude depends on the airspace classification where your mission is located. Your pilot will provide details on this during your pre-flight safety briefing.
  • My location is outside of Naples, Florida - Can I still book Lightning Drone for a mission?
    Yes! Our clients often book us for shoots throughout Florida. We do charge a nominal mileage fee for any shoots outside of a 50 mile radius of our home base. We even fly missions outside of the state of Florida if travel and accommodations are provided for our crew. Please email us for details.
  • How do I get a Lightning Drone wing pin?
    We offer custom Lightning Drone wing pins to all of our clients. If you are on-site for your mission, we will provide them for you, after landing.
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